Advanced C++ - Summer Term 2018


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Technical References


  • 14.07.2018 | Project proposals with system diagram (non-final) submission deadline
  • 01.08.2018 | Project work schedules due
  • 24.09.2018 | Presentation rehearsals (date subject to change)
  • 07.10.2018 | Presentations and oral exam (date subject to change)

It is in your very best interest to attend as many chair seminar events as possible!
In the seminars, you experience the nature of “tough” questions first hand. You can pass your presentation with a “well done, thank you” if you understand our motivation behind them.

Lecture Notes

Where and Why C++ Matters

Technical Lab Notes


  • Virtual Machine (VirtualBox)
    Pre-configured development environment (use nvim). Well-tested setup but current state is from late 2016 and will be updated soon. Until then, feel free to dist-upgrade.

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Inspiration for Demo Projects

Selected Talks:

Lecturer’s Personal Picks

Some Useful References

Websites on C++

  • FluentCpp
    A reasonably trustworthy resource, my daily read on the bus
  • CppPatterns
    Beware: platform allows public contribution

Real Life C++


Selected Articles